Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?

A weekly opportunity for musicians of all ages and standards to meet together to play in an ensemble.

Is it for me?

Anyone who is learning to play can join Skipton Music Centre. Our members are usually learning their instruments in school but this need not be the case. We welcome those who are taught out of school, adults included!

How good do I have to be?

We welcome musicians of all standards – including beginners. We have a range of ensembles meeting the needs of musicians from Pre Grade 1 to Grade 8+ standard. Please see the Ensembles page for more information.

How much time do I have to commit?

Either 1.5 hours (for those in 1 session) or 3 hours (for those in 2 sessions) each Saturday. All ensembles perform in concerts at least twice a year- usually more. The Big Band perform in concerts at least four times a year.

Do I need to own an instrument?

No, a limited range of instruments, especially those that are large or more expensive, are available for use by those attending the Music Centre. Obviously, it is best to own your instrument once you advance so that other newcomers can try their hand.

What sort of ensembles can I join?

We currently have: Senior Concert Band, Junior Concert Band, Big Band, Orchestra, Fret Band, String Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble. Theory Class and beginner ensembles Launch Pad and Restart.

What will I get out of it?

Meeting new friends, having fun playing music with others of your own age and standard, acquiring new skills, learning to work in a team, and giving a lot of pleasure to your parents, relatives and friends who come to listen to you play at our concerts.

Where do I go and when?

Saturday mornings during term time at Ermysted’s Grammar School, Gargrave Road, Skipton, BD23 1PL. Concerts are given throughout the year at a variety of locations across Craven.

Who pays for the Centre?

The Music Centre is supported financially by NYCC, but modest fees are payable termly. The current fees can be found on our Dates, Times & Fees page.